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MFA Graduate exhibition


Bezalel gallery, Tel Aviv, 2007


The painting is the result of an action: the immersion of paper in a liquid paint reservoir.

It is a quite, introverted action, certainly not heroic, almost passive in the way the painting simply “happens” out of the encounter between materials. The “artist’s hand” role is summed up as the enabler of that encounter.

But the same action persistently repeats itself again and again, and so produces topography of layers and load on weight–

the dried up paint becomes the paper’s load.

I'm interested in paint as a coating layer (which envelops the paper from all sides and by that makes it devoid of front and back–it is all front) and of course in the accumulation of the coats which produces weight. The relations between the surface (the paper) and the paint change and become a theme in the work. It is no longer clear who support whom, who contains whom.

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