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Solo Exhibition, The Artists' Studios, Tel Aviv, 2012

Hadas Hassid exhibits a series of recent works. The title "Sunny Side Up" refers to the works formed as a result of spilling paint - producing an almost immediate image of an eye, but also to a half-hearted attempt to alter a frame of mind.

The solidification of the paint is again a focus of interest in the paintings that were mostly executed on surfaces lacking any absorbing faculties. The application of paint (facture), the thickness of the brush, but mainly the relations between the convoluting line and the different presence of the delineating line, are the configuration of a power st ruggle within the painting.


The glove dipped in black and the black eye/egg conjure up a presence of an enchanting theatrical existence accompanied by a disruption, as well as the ambivalence of submerging one's hands in paint while keeping them clean, or a plunge into the depths of the material which forms a coating, a thin layer on the surface.


The mural "The Artist at Sunset", executed in the internal space, is founded upon ascaffolding of conventions and clichés, all the while seeking to mark over and over again the effort to stay on the wall.


The engravings on task board, located in the same space, reclaim sharpness as a painting means alongside the penetration of the surface as an articulated and reasoned option, when chosen and adopted as an artistic practice.

Hassid tosses all the ingredients of the painting up in the air like a juggler; in each work she seems to have caught most of them, leaving aside what she has left to be caught in the next work. This perilous tactic may be Hassid's dramatic, existential need underling the very foundation of her painting.

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