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Solo Exhibition, Julie M Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2010

The exhibition features two bodies of work that assume almost opposite tactics on the concrete-abstract axis


The spitting refers to the ink spat by the pen in the course of marking the line with the help of a ruler, normally at a moment of pausing. This moment, in which excessive ink residue was discharged and had stained the paper, is recreated time and time again in an attempt to regain control over it; at times staged to the point of casting doubt on randomness. The rules that direct each particular work alter from one work to another, thus defining the arena of events.


The series of wipes accumulated in the course of working on the spitting drawings had introduced an additional secondary front. It displays the papers used to wipe the pen and ruler while working on the drawings. It is a testament proving that the spitting drawing were only dirty to the desired degree, while simultaneously forming a place which allowed for a less organized appearance.


At the end of the day, both series are founded upon fairly negligible activities, which by their very placement under the spotlight for a few moments divulge another "action"–the one that transforms the marginal to the central, which changes something in cidental into an event and a matter that merits pause.


Alongside the two series the exhibition includes works that copy familiar everyday images. A little list of catastrophes that may befall us were we to take a certain medicine; a surreal anecdote seen on a news website and a parking lot sign directing our steps. A soothing, masking appearance obscures the curious fact that it is the domain of language-oriented images that serves as the locus of alienation, disintegration and blurriness.


The body enters through the backdoor. Present in a word or a mark. Makes its appearance as an unknown.

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